June Gloom Fashion Blues


Here in San Diego, the “June Gloom” is famous for its cloudy mornings and overcast days. However, this year the June gloom hasn’t been so rough with the sun winning and showing it’s face quite early in the day. I must say though that I never really mind June gloom; I like the cozy mornings wrapped up in my sweatshirt snuggling my coffee mug with the hope for an eventual sunny day.

On this particular morning I find myself inspired by the beautiful apparel and accessories on sale from Madewell.

I am loving the ever dynamic color combination of blue and coral. Any time you mix complementary colors it’s a win! So have some fun mixing blues with pink, red, orange or coral.

These graphic and architectural accessories should not go unnoticed as they can turn just a simple outfit into rockin chic. I’m loving the element of mixing soft and hard items side by side, it’s like bringing out the diamond in the rough. So if you are experiencing June gloom or full on summer days, consider mixing up a little blue with a contrasting color like coral and add a graphic accessory to the mix for a cool compliment.

♥ Chrissy

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