You Matter


“The most dangerous person in the world is a person who does not understand how powerful God made them to be. These people recklessly destroy because they think they are invisible and they don’t matter.”

Donald Miller author of “Storyline”

Wow! This quote knocked me upside the head. It makes me realize all the times I have been down about myself and all opportunities I’ve missed out on because of feeling this way. Feeling weak, sad, anxious, depressed or even just bummed out does not make you invisible. Having emotions positive or negative makes you human. No matter how weak or sad you feel, you are still as powerful as ever because you have inherent gifts. You have a role that only you can play in life. Basically what I’m saying is, you exist for a reason.

It’s funny when I think of the things that make me feel invisible like comparisons to others, bad hair days, and other outward appearances. It’s not so funny when we realize how feeling invisible can cause you to have self destructive behaviors; destroying your life and others. You must believe in something bigger than yourself, something that you alone were created for and called to do. If you did not matter you would not be here and if you are reading this, YOU matter!

Make of list of what you like to do and what you are good at. If you’re stumped, write down what others say you’re good at. Add to your list names of people that might need you in their life. Hey, if it’s just the cashier at your grocery store because they like your smile and it brightens their day then so be it! The action can be big or small you don’t know how powerful all these action can stack up to be after a life well lived.


My son with his great-grandma checking out the fish at her new home in assisted living.
Next time you feel insignificant, incapable, invisible or irrelevant please remember you were designed with thought and you alone are a powerful masterpiece designed to live a life of love.

What are some of the things that make you feel alive?

“Storyline 2.0″, by Donald Miller can be purchased here.

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