My Dream House


House envy, it happens to us all….you see a house that looks like your style and its as if someone took the blue prints from your mind and built your dream home. If you were to diagnose me with house envy this house would be my major symptom.

I’ve drooled over this house for years now. Every time I come Santa Cruz I make a stop or two by it and dream up scenarios of BBQ’s with friends and family, holiday gatherings, and lazy Sunday’s at home with my family here. If this house were in high school it would be the popular kid who is cool without trying to be.


This house has a major cool factor. It’s the perfect combination of my style and my husband’s. I’m drawn to its simple yet thoughtful landscape as well as the exposed beams that extend from the roof.


Having this parked out front just ups the cool factor another notch.


Whatever it is about this house it feels like a place I could call home. The truth is that home is really just being with those you love. So as I appreciate this beautifully built home and enjoy it’s design and beauty, dream of building our own home (which we are in the early stages of doing) and stay patient in the process while warding off “House Envy”.

♥ Chrissy

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