The Sweet Spot


I was reminded of “the sweet spot” by Megan during one of our usual morning convos. We were comiserating over the fact that we both have very active toddlers and live in very small homes. We were dreaming of having multiple bedrooms, kitchens with non laminate counter tops, hardwood floors and backyards for our boys to run wild in.

Let’s face it, no matter where you are in life there will always be something you are trying to attain that makes you feel like you are lacking. At least that’s been my experience in life. No matter how much I’ve been given I tend to desire what I don’t have and what at times feel desperate to grasp. That’s were the sweet spot comes in!

Megan described the sweet spot to me as the precious moments we have right now that we will never get back. In her own words, “the sweet spot is looking at my son Orrin’s adorable bottom and knowing that in a year it won’t look the same way or maybe even be as cute.”

I love having goals and I’m a huge dreamer but I never want to be so forward thinking that I miss what’s happening now in my life…I never want to miss the sweet spot.

Currently my sweet spot is having a son that I get to see grow up and that I get to have a hand in shaping who he is. Yesterday I enjoyed the sweetness of him signing his first word to me, “Please”, when he wanted more milk. I loved seeing his eyes light up with he saw a tractor digging in the dirt today and hearing him hum my name, “Mama” when he is scared or in need of comfort. Even though I live in a 600 square foot condo at the moment I love that it’s simple to clean. This is my sweet spot, the moments that I’ll never get back. I’m savoring the sweet spot today and reminding myself of it’s presence in my life when I start wondering too long in my wishful thinking.


Waylon and I on a hike in Colorado. As I strap him to my back in my Ergo I’m reminded he’s growing and will not always fit back there. Definite sweet moment.

Sweet Labor Day moment in line for pizza with these two jokers. Someday grabbing mommy’s sunglasses to put on your own face isn’t going to make him laugh…but for now it’s a riot!
Tell us, what’s your sweet spot?

♥ Chrissy

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