Life Lists


I love lists. I love writing lists and checking things off my list, it gives me so much satisfaction. I highly recommend writing a list of life values and goals; its a way to take the focus off anxiety and onto what really matters in life. There’s just something very therapeutic about seeing your thoughts written down on paper. For the past 10 years I have been journaling my thoughts and emotions that have filled 7 books.

I’ve often thought of these books as treasures. I imagine that one day my children and grandchildren will find them and rediscover me in a whole new light.


In the midst of writing out the chaos in my head, I discovered that writing helps me to realize who I am, what drives me, and what my goals are. If you have ever experienced anxiety you know that it can rob you of your goals and steal your verve for life. A life values list can be your counterattack to anxiety. It can help you focus on what matters in life. What you want out of life and what you value is far more important than what you fear or what makes you anxious.


I write down my thoughts and goals and make lists but I love to add images that inspire me and represent how I feel.


Written prayers strengthen me and renew my hope.








So do it already, make your values list! Look at it everyday if you must to remind yourself what you want your life to be about.

My favorite journals are made by Paperchase which can be bought online here.

♥ Chrissy

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