20 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk


Welcome to funky town where a cloud of ill emotions weigh you down like a wet blanket. We’ve all been there from time to time. Here is a way out of funky town.

Sometimes the best way to get out of a funk is to distract yourself. Now I’m not saying that you should avoid your feelings. I’m saying that when you feel so bad that you want to raid the fridge and eat your emotions or preform some other self destructive behavior, instead you should distract yourself with something else. Distraction is a great technique to calm yourself down until you are able to process your emotions in a healthy way.

I used to get in such a funk that I would turn to food and without even realizing it a whole carton of ice cream would be empty and I would be left feeling worse. It was a vicious cycle that I will definitely write more on in the future. I learned to distract myself from my immediate overwhelmed emotions so that I wouldn’t turn to food.

Here are some examples of simple ways to distract your self from negative thoughts and emotions.

  1. Count to 10 while breathing deep breaths, (sounds cliche I know but breathing deep breaths brings oxygen to your muscles and relieves physical tension)
  2. Go for a walk or engage in any form of exercise
  3. Write down a list of people you admire and why you admire them
  4. Listen to music
  5. Take a bath
  6. Light candles or put on your favorite perfume or scent
  7. If food isn’t an issue for you, bake or make something yummy
  8. Call a friend or loved one
  9. Journal and write down your thoughts and feelings
  10. Watch your favorite show or movie
  11. Hand write a letter or email someone that could use encouragement as well
  12. Clean the house
  13. Pray or meditate
  14. Think of your favorite place and go there in your mind for 5 minutes or how ever long you need
  15. Paint or draw
  16. Imagine your negative thoughts and feelings are floating away in balloons as you shoot arrows and pop them or that they are floating away on a river about to fall off a water fall
  17. Read
  18. Do something nice for someone else
  19. Get out and go somewhere where you’re not alone
  20. Remind yourself that feelings come and go and that just because you feel something doesn’t make it so

This list scratches the surface of ways to distract yourself. After you discover what works best for you don’t forget to actually process and talk about how you feel.

Above you’ll see my favorite TV show, Parenthood, that begins again in one month on NBC! This show is one that helps me to relax and always distracts me from my funky moods instead of eating that carton of ice cream.

The Kindred Street

What are some ways that help you get out of your funk?

* featured image by Kendal Riley. 

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