DIY: Printed Bedspread

DIY: Printed Bedspread

I was at Ikea a few weeks ago and got lost in the baby and kid section. My head started swarming with all the fun ideas of how I could decorate my son’s new room. We will soon be moving from our tiny condo to a house that my husband built! It’s been a long process to get us to this point so needless to say I’m ready to bring my Pinterest boards to life. There will definitely be more blog posts on this in the future too!

Ikea didn’t have the patterns that I was looking for in a bedspread, so I bought the plain white duvet cover that they sell for $14.99. I made a trip to Blick art store and Paper Source to gather some stencils and screen printing ink and got my DIY fix for the week. Yes it’s a weekly need now! The end result is a super cute and personalized printed bedspread and pillowcase for Waylon.


Step 1

DIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed Bedspread

Gather supplies needed: Plain duvet cover and pillow case, stencils (I recommend plastic over these paper ones I used), screen printing ink, paint brush, roller (not necessary but helps to thin out the paint), and cookie sheet to put the ink on.


Step 2

DIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed Bedspread

Place about a tbsp of screen printing paint on a cookie sheet and add a tsp of water to it and mix with brush or roller so it is even.


Step 3

DIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed Bedspread


Place your stencil in the pattern you would like and paint over it then peel off. I found that dabbing the paint on the material worked better than actual brush strokes. Oh and don’t get too caught up with it looking perfect because nothing I do ever is. I think the imperfections add character to the pattern and make it look more vintage.


Step 4

DIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed Bedspread

Let the first side dry for a couple hours or over night then if you’re up for it turn it over and do the other side. I loved the fact that I had two canvas’ in this project and could make two very different looking printed bedspreads. On one side I went with a graphic quilted look and on the other I personalized it with Waylon’s name and added fun numbers that we can count together.


Step 5

DIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed BedspreadDIY: Printed Bedspread

DIY: Printed Bedspread

Enjoy your one of a kind printed bedspread and tuck your babes in tight, turn off the light and enjoy night cause gurl you are one crafty mama! Disclaimer: if you have mad skills and like this DIY you can try it on a twin, full, queen or even king size duvet cover! What What!


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