Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters

Hey, Friends! If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you probably know by now that we are quite fond of kindness. We are currently hard at work in preparation for the opening of our online shop that will offer our “Be Kind” Collection! In light of this new venture, we thought we’d explain what kindness means to us and why we believe it is such a worthy message.

We created The Kindred Street to be both a platform for women’s thoughts, ideas and talents, as well as a platform to promote positive change in our communities. We believe that at the core of all positive change lyes the common thread of kindness. How we treat ourselves and others may at times seem insignificant, but a simple act of kindness can set powerful movements into action.

Putting kindness into action is the concept that motivated us to open our online store. Proceeds from our merchandise will help fund a variety of non-profit organizations close to our hearts. In doing this we hope to shine light on those doing good in the world; proving that kindness is tangible and real and that giving to others is accessible and not so far out of reach.

Kindness Matters

What does kindness mean to us?

  • Kindness means thinking of others before yourself.
  • Kindness is an action to bless someone else with a genuine heart.
  • Kindness is making someone feel good about who they are.
  • Kindness means loving our differences.
  • Kindness means doing something unexpected to make someone feel good.

Why does kindness matter?

  • Kindness matters more today than ever before. We live in a culture that praises the individual more than the whole, which can make it easy to forget to put others needs before our own.
  • Kindness matters because there is hurt and pain in the world.
  • Kindness matters because it makes us better people when we exercise it.
  • Kindness matters because there is more to life than our own problems.
  • Kindness matters because it shapes our future generations, teaching them to live in peace, to show love, and to fight just causes.



Because we are full-time moms and multi-tasking mavens, we are hustling to get our shop open this month! We are excited to see this message grow and would love to see our Be Kind Collection on you and your kiddos and hear how you or others are spreading kindness. In the mean time, our friends over at The Oxford Trunk have our Be Kind goods for sale now. Thank you all for you support!

Love, Chrissy & Megan


Images by Jackie Wonders

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