DIY: Lazy Susan Makeover


Meet Susan. She was found on a roadside table in Santa Cruz as a left over item that wasn’t sold at a garage sale. Susan was left by the road with a sign that said “Free!” So in my rags to riches fashion I took her home and started thinking of ways I could fix her up.


I actually really liked the wooden holder especially next to the silver colored cups. But I wanted to minimally fix her up without having to stain the wood, so I decided on a little face lift.


I noticed that she was missing an end piece to one of the sides that holds the cups in place.



I had my handy husband whittle a wooden piece for me to attach to the side that was missing an end.


I love how it spins!


Step 1:

Sand the wood to prepare for spray paint. I picked a bright cheery yellow color since I imagined it would go in my kitchen. The sales person at Michaels helped me to see that the lime green color I was going to use would not have been a good choice because green makes food look bad. Green is usually the color that food decays too; makes total sense!


Step 2:

I spray painted the wood but the yellow spray paint kept getting all wonky so I had to wait and sand it down a few more times. These are my husbands hands; I like to think my hands are a little more dainty.



Step 3:

Sand all pieces, wipe down, and spray again.


Step 4:

I still couldn’t get the yellow spray paint to look uniform so I improvised. I sanded down the uneven paint and went with the distressed look, which gave it a more vintage vibe.




It turned out perfect for serving snacks in at a Spring or Easter gathering with friends and family.

What would you use this little Lazy Susan for?


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