Office Favorites

Office Favorites

I’m getting my very own office! In about a month or two my family and I will be moving into our own home-the home my husband built for us. It’s something I never thought we would be able to do but a little over two years ago we were blessed with a deal we couldn’t pass up and bought our own piece of land. It’s taken quite some time to jump through city hoops and plans and actually get this house off the ground or onto it I should say. One of the most exciting parts of this new home for me is that I get a space all for me-my own office space. I have been planning in my head for a while now about what I would put in my office and how I want it too look. Check out my Pinterest board for all my inspiration! Here is a snapshot of what I want on my desk and in my office right now.

1// Wall Hangers, Baskets, Chair & Desk 2// Mulberry Press Co Mousepad 3// Work Hard Print, 4// Genius Pen, 5// Lucite Stapler, 6// Pencil Holder, 7// Fabric Thumbtacks, 8// Scented Gel Pens, 9// Rifle Paper Co Notebook, 10// Accordion Collator, 11// Rolling Cart

What are you loving in your office space now?

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