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Should We Keep Up With Fashion?

Two things inspired me this past week.

1) My new favorite style book: Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset
2) The movie: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

How do these two things go together you might ask? They both ask the reader/viewer to know who they are and not be afraid to live that way. This poses some questions; should we keep up with fashion, or should fashion keep up with us and how do you find your own effortless style?

In “Paris Street Style”, the authors and french fashion contributors aren’t trying to make you french (well maybe just a little); their aim is to help cultivate individual style that is effortless and chic. In “Walter Mitty”, the main character is a meek and mild man with a vivid imagination who spends most of his time leading a heroic life in his daydreams. It’s not until his job is in jeopardy that he makes his dreams reality and becomes the person he truly is meant to be.

In relation to fashion, I felt inspired. I realized that although I love trends; my style is shaped by knowing who I am inside and wearing things that are in sync with that. Maybe that’s why one of my favorite looks is boyfriend jeans paired with sneakers or ballet flats. I think fashion and style is at it’s best when you see someone on the street that has personality and isn’t necessarily following the latest trends. Patricia Delahaie a sociologist says it beautifully, “Appreciate everything your body has to offer. Take pleasure in it, don’t invigilate it. Never forget that sensuality comes from within.”

A huge part of my journey in knowing myself has been through hating my body, abusing it, starving it, over stuffing it, stressing it out to the max and then learning to accept it, take care of it, and appreciate it. And in no way do I recommend going that route of finding yourself. Fashion and how we dress is an extension of ourselves and one of the first ways we portray who we are to others. So yes, fashion deserves the hipe and you deserve time to figure out your personal style and not feel pressured to wear the newest trend. Start by recognizing what you’re inspired by, what catches your eye, and what you are comfortable in. Most likely you will find your own timeless style that is effortlessly chic.

Here are a few items I’ve found lately to be timelessly chic and won’t break the budget.

effortless chic

1// Black Tote, 2// Slim Boyjean, 3// Striped Tank, 4// Canvas Vans, 5// White Blazer, 6// The Swank Studio Necklace, 7// Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers.


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