DIY: Chair Transformation

DIY Chair Transformation

While shopping at my local DAV (Disabled American Veterans) thrift store, I was instantly drawn to this chair. I was initially captured by it’s cool detailing on the backrest and legs, but then I found myself feeling sorry for this chair because it seemed to be forgotten. It just looked so lonely sitting in the electronics section all by its self without any other chair or table to match. Immediately I saw in my mind how I could turn it from forgotten to fabulous.

Here’s a DIY: Chair Transformation tutorial for you to makeover your own lonely chair or perhaps one that could just use a little sprucing up.

Materials Needed:

  • Thrift store chair
  • 2 cans of flat black spray paint or any paint of your choosing
  • 1 yard of cool fabric
  • Dewalt palm sander or sand paper
  • Arrow T-50 stapler


  1. I had my handy husband and son unscrew the back and seat cushion of the chair so I could throughly sand it.
  2. I used a DeWalt palm sander to prep the surface of the chair for the spray paint to adhere properly. I’m married to a carpenter so power tools are more accessible to me but regular sand paper will also do the trick.
  3. After sanding I dusted the chair off and set it in a well ventilated area to spray paint.
  4. I chose a flat black spray paint but you can choose any color you like and spray all surfaces of the chair.
  5. While waiting for the paint to dry, I cut my fabric to cover the base of my seat cushion. I made sure to leave enough fabric on the bottom to fold when stabled in place or else the stable can pull through the raw edge of the fabric.
  6. Next I stretched the fabric over the base of the cushion and pulled tight, then folded fabric and stabled in place with an Arrow T-50 stabler. Make sure fabric does not bunch up or else the staple will come out. Also make sure to use stables of adequate length in proportion to the thickness of your fabric.
  7. After the seat cushion was covered I checked on the spray paint and noticed some areas in the grooves of the chair that needed more paint so I did a second coat of flat black spray paint.
  8. After an hour the paint had dried and I was ready to reassemble the chair.
  9. Final step: Style it up, use it at your dinner table, desk or make it a night stand, what ever suits your fancy!

DIY: Chair TransformationMy helpers

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