Winter can be brutal on hair. Its dry and cold outside. We’re cranking up our heaters in search of relief, only to dry our poor little stands out even more! I cant tell you how many women come in during the winters months, especially during dry spells, complaining that their hair is just snapping and tangling no matter what they do! Of course I suggest the best deep conditioning masks available… it’s how we still have hair on our heads as hairdressers ladies. We invest in good stuff! But what happens if youre on a budget? Or at Aunt Kays for a week during xmas break, theres a foot of snow on the ground, and your very cute beanie is just making those dry hairs stand on end!? Don’t let the static stop you!

Just go to your pantry! What you ask, could I possible have in my pantry that could help with this problem?? 3 simple products, that can preform wonders!

Coconut Oil


We’re hearing all day long about the benefits of coconut oit. Oil pulling, cooking with it, using in replace of butter. It can also be used on your hair! Coconut oil molecules are very tiny and super hydrating. There so tiny in fact, that they easily penetrate our hairs cuticle and deliver a hydrating molecule very similar to our own. So our hair eats it up!

There’s 2 ways I suggest using this.. One is to use as a heavy mask. Put a liberal amount on your midshaft and ends. Allow to sit for 10-20 min, then shampoo out. You may have to shampoo 2x to get it all out. But the benefit will be seen and felt immediately. The second way is to use as a finishing product for your ends. A little goes a long way so don’t over do it! Start with the tip of your finger, rub between fingers and pat into ends..almost like clapping it in.



Now this is a 2 part situation. Eating avocado provides essential good fats and antioxidants for overall better health of your organs and in turn your skin and hair.

Avocado treats lots of conditions such as dandruff. A harsh reality of dry winters. If your scalp is dry and irritated, then your hair will be also. So you want to treat it at its source. You wouldn’t expect your dry flower bed to be over flowing with lush flowering vines would you? Vitamins A, K and E are over flowing in this fruit. So its flooding our poor scalp and hair with the vitality it needs to stay youthful.

You can mash up the avocado and use as a mask on the hair, from roots to ends for 20min, or you can puree it into its glorious oil and massage into your skin for instant relief! Just remember..wash it out!

Apple Cider Vinegar


Sometimes, we’ve put so much stuff in our hair trying to “fix” our problems that we dirty it up and make it dull and lifeless! ACV to the rescue! ACV’s acidity is close to our hairs natural PH level, which helps balance your hairs PH and removes buildup. Leaving hair cuticles closed and smooth, reflecting light and combating frizz.

Take 1/3 cup of AVC to 1 liter of water and rinse hair with it in the shower. You can shampoo as normal after or just apply conditioner. Don’t worry the smell diminishes after a few rinses of water!


 Now see.. Who knew you had all the makings for hair repair, right in your kitchen!?


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When I think of what I do, I smile knowing that everyday I’m surrounded by beauty and creativity. Im a master colorist and color educator. I believe in teaching each of my clieNts how to duplicate the styles they want at home, so they can live each day confident and in love with their hair. It’s why I have such passion for my work and my own continued education. I specialize in color corrections, make overs, healthy blondes, vibrant reds, multi dimensional color, razor cuts and chemo grow outs! I have spent extensive time researching post chemo hair and how it responds to color as well as products and nutrition. I want to help make this transition to health as seamless as possible. I can’t wait to meet and discuss how I can help you feel good about your hair again!

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