Spring Beauty Tips

Spring Beauty Tips

Hello, I’m Megan.  As a follower of The Kindred Street, I am now thrilled to take part as a contributor talking everything beauty!  Working as a San Diego based make-up artist and regional artist for Laura Mercier, I’m excited to further share my knowledge and passion for beauty, and also hope to inspire and educate along the way.  I’m a firm believer that beauty goes far deeper than make-up, in order to truly be beautiful it has to come from within.  A little lipstick and blush simply enhances your natural beauty and adds a bit of fun along the way!

Now that spring is finally here, I thought it would be fitting to kick off beauty with Spring Trends. Even though we haven’t had much of a winter her in San Diego, it’s nice to finally be able to start embracing all the fun colors spring has to offer. Being a make-up artist inevitably means I have a LOVE for color. Fall and winter make-up is stunning don’t get me wrong, but this time of year is when all the fun begins! Here are some of my spring beauty tips.

This season cheeks and lips are a main focus.

Bright pinks, corals, and reds are a must for lips as well as cheeks.  It’s all about keeping the eyes subtle by using hues of champagne and rose gold with a black liner to intensify the lash line.  To finish off the look keep the skin fresh and dewy to allow your lips or cheeks to really pop.

Spring Beauty Tips

Achieving this look is super easy. Here are a few easy ways to really embrace what is popular on the runway for this season.

1: Moisturize

Start with a tinted moisturizer. Keeping the skin clean and dewy is always very flattering.  This option is even great even if your skin tends to be on the oily side. You can find a great tint that is oil-free, which will allow you to control shine but still help you achieve this fresh look.  My personal favorite is Laura Mercier.


Spring Beauty TipsSpring Beauty Tips

2: Cheeks

Choose a fun cheek color that really brightens your face.  Keep in mind that your cheeks and/or lips are your focus, so try to apply more than normal.  If blush isn’t your thing try choosing a subtle color that will brighten, but not overpower.  Light pinks or peaches are perfect.  For you bold beauties that aren’t afraid of a little color go for the corals and pinks that will really pop on the cheeks.  When applying, keep your color on the upper apple, basically the part that gets puffy when you smile. Also, your blush should not look like a specific shape.  As a tip to avoid this:  first deposit your color on the apple and then blend down and out towards your ear.  Never contour with blush! You want it to look like you are blushing, instead of dressing up like a clown.

Spring Beauty Tips

3: Eyes

We don’t want your eyes to compete with your lips and cheeks, so keep it clean and simple.  I always like to define with a clean black or navy liner right at the lash line to really open the eye.  As for shadow, a pretty light cream or powder shadow is perfect.  The color you choose can be matte or have sheen, but keep the color neutral.  For instance champagne, rose gold, peach, or cream colors are ideal.

4: Lips

Focus on your lips to finish your look off.  Before you apply any lip color make sure they are hydrated.  Any color on dry lips never looks good.  You can really achieve your bright lip however you choose.  I’m a huge fan of either a full coverage lip liner or stain with a gloss on top.  You might be a lipstick gal, and that totally works too.  The color you choose doesn’t have to be bright by any means; it should just be flirty and fun.  For a more natural look choose a color that is maybe a little brighter than your natural lip color.

Spring Beauty Tips

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you learned a little something.  Keep in mind beauty is unique, so do what you want with my tips.  You can combine all of them or just do one.  Overall I hope you have fun and feel empowered to embrace your beauty.

Until next time xoxo Meg


Images via: Tumblr

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