Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

This month is mom’s month. We are featuring some amazing mothers this month and hope you like getting to know them as much as we do! Our first mom we’d like you to know is an illustrator, graphic designer, fashion lover and craft connoisseur-Kelli Murray.

It was wonderfully refreshing to meet Kelli Murray. She is not only a talented artist, blogger and momma with amazing style; she is genuinely sweet! Last month I went to the Carlsbad Madewell store opening hosted by Kelli. While milling through the fashionable crowd, I felt slightly intimated but was set right at ease when I met Kelli.  I mean she gave me a hug and we swapped birth stories and pregnancy whoas within the first 5 mins. I respect a mama that can get real and dish about what we women go through in bearing children. Below is a little interview with Kelli on what her life really looks like and how she manages it all.

CP: What inspires your artwork?
KM: There are a lot of things that inspire me. I’m especially inspired by animals, florals, fashion, and honest emotion.
CP: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve done?
KM: My personal favorite is probably Avery.  It was a simple illustration, but I feel like it portrays a lot of emotion and is a good representation of my overall style.
CP: How do you balance being an artist, blogger, mom and wife?
KM: I don’t.  It’s a constant juggle for me. I try to keep my priorities straight, and always, family comes first.  I am a driven and passionate person when it comes to my work, so it’s a challenge to not accept every opportunity that comes my way. But I’ve realized that I can’t do it all. And that’s ok. The time I spend with my family is always more fulfilling and life-giving than any time spent on my computer.
CP: What influences your style most?
KM: Years ago, when I worked in the fashion industry, I kept up with the latest trends online and in magazines. But I can’t say I am as in tune to all of that anymore. I dress to what makes me feel good and what i feel most confident in. I am always on the run, so it’s important that what I wear is comfortable and practical for my everyday life. I live in ankle boots and midi dresses, skinny jeans and oversized sweaters.
CP: What music are you listening too now?
KM: The 1975, The Cinema, Passenger, & Birdy.
CP: When did you start your blog and why?
KM: I actually started my blog a long time ago, 2009 I think, simply as a place to share my artwork and the events I was a part of. I had no idea it’d lead into what it is today.
CP: What is the last act of kindness someone showed you?
KM: My friend Suzy is the best calligrapher I know. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy, I’ve just never given it the time. She spent a few hours with me the other night sharing her favorite tools and tricks, I haven’t stopped practicing since.
CP: What is your go to outfit for style and comfort?
KM: Ankle boots, skinny jeans, tee, and a long cardi or kimono.
CP: Do you have a favorite recipe you like to make?
KM: I love to make a simple pear & pomegranate salad for lunch:
spinach, sliced pear, pomegranate seeds, almonds, gorgonzola, champagne vinaigrette.
Check out these images and beautiful illustrations from Kelli’s blog and shop.
Kelli Murray Kelli Murray Kelli Murray
Kelli Murray Kelli Murray Kelli Murray Kelli MurrayKelli Murray Kelli Murray

 Images and artwork by Kelli Murray


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