Every so often I need a redecorating fix; sometimes its a major re-haul and other times its just a room or area I want to perk it up a bit. Luckly, I’ve moved 3 times in the last 3 years, so I’ve been able to feed that urge quite a bit (hey I’m looking on the bright side!). Usually I’m drawn to bright colors, yellows and teals have been my go-tos in the past. This time around, I am loving all things neutral with details of black + white. So not like me, but I can’t help but swoon over a crisp white duvet or a plain wooden desk (with lots of character of course!). The best part is that when it comes time for that redecorating fix, I can add a pop of color with ease! But for now, I’m sticking to neutral tones, black and white.
I’m continuing with this look in my boys’ room as well, where usually I’d pick a bright shade and kind of go overboard- if ya know what I mean. Keeping it simple is really appealing to me in a kid’s room, where toys are overflowing and books are sticking out from every nook and cranny. There’s already so much color in there, I’m ready to tone it down a notch and let the white walls stand alone. This palette works perfectly for a unisex room or for a nursery of a surprise gender baby!
Today I’m sharing with you some of my picks for fresh but classic neutral bedrooms  for both you and your littles!
1// Tripod table lamp - a simple lamp with a ton of character
2// Crisp white duvet  - something about clean white sheets is so refreshing
3// You + Me print  - a fun print always brings joy to the bedroom
4// Oval basket - for all the random things lying around the room
5// Black + white pillows - I’ve had my eye on these pillows for months
6// Speckled rug - a tiny bit of color will add life to the room
7// Wooden dresser  - a midcentury style dresser is so classic + chic
1// White dresser - white always goes a long way
2// I Love You print - so they can always know you love them
3// Tree branch curtains - love a good black + white curtain
4// Laundry hamper - great for storing toys too
5// Ice cream print - because everyone loves ice cream
6// Geometric rug - another Ikea goodie I’ve had my eye on
7// Neutral knit blanket - simple and cozy, that’s all you need
*Featured Image: Red Balloons For Ryan Print by Mulberry Press Co. (100% of the proceeds go to the Saldana family)
Images by brands above
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