Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow

Can Joy and sorrow coexist? It seems lately that I hear a new story of loss every week. The kind of loss that is too big and confusing for us mere humans to endure but yet it still happens. Two stories that I’ve come to know of through social media, have broken my heart but have also encouraged me as a parent, an individual and has a believer. The Saldana’s and the Davis’s are two families that both recently lost their child; both in different ways, both equally heart wrenching, and both finding joy in sorrow.

The loss these parents are navigating is capable of breaking someone, making them into a bitter and angry person. What has amazed me is their ability to see the sliver of hope in their darkness of pain and that they both acknowledge there is joy in sorrow. I can only imagine what this type of pain feels like from my experience of not being able to find my son a few months ago which I wrote about in “The Price of Great Love“.  But what do you do when the worst fear is true and your life is forever changed in a way you never imagined? You weep, you find peace in something bigger than yourself, and you remember the good times. This is the example I’ve witnessed from the Saldana’s and Davis’. That is why we are called to weep with those who weep.

I weep often when I check Jacqui Saldana’s Instagram feed @babyboybakery, read her blog, or pray for her. She is journaling her story of loss and pain in the most real, vulnerable and beautiful way…just being herself and writing out her emotions and thoughts, sharing her ups and down or “land mines” as she calls them and she is remembering her son. At the end of this post you can view her latest video that she made for her son Ryan Cruz of his parents trying to live out his adventurous spirit biking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Heidi and Trevor Davis spoke about their baby girl Mazelle Joy in a video so entrenched with vulnerability and beauty. You can also watch their video at the end of this post and donate to the Davis Family Fund.

Trevor Davis‘ recount of James 1:2-4 to consider it joy when you face trials and suffering of various kinds because it produces character which will result in you being complete and lacking nothing, is beyond profound. These couples are truly filled with character. They are walking a complicated path; encouraging us all to love more deeply, hold our babies tighter, count our blessings more and showing us all the muddled way that joy and sorrow coexist.

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