Nena & Co.

Nena and Co.

Oh man I have been drooling over these Nena & Co. bags for like e v e r. What I loved immediately about these beautiful bags were the vibrant colors, textures and one-of-a-kind nature….then I discovered the good they provided to the Guatemalan people and I was sold. Alejandra Hynek, the creator of Nena & Co. travels back and forth from Guatemala to California to produce her creations, which has now branched out into shoes and dress. Let me just tell you I receive so many compliments on my bag but more than loving that I love that it was created by the hand of Guatemalan women and will help to serve them and their families as well; and lets not leave out that it so chicly hold all my daily needs (diapers, wipes, water bottle, iPad, and pretty much the kitchen sink). Please keep reading to discovery more about this amazing company, how they planted their roots, how they give back and their current project. You’ll be sold too. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for details on how you can win one of these gorgeous Day Bags!


Nena & Company was created by Alejandra Hynek in 2013 to bring some of her culture to your colorful lifestyle. Nena can be loosely translated in English to mean “baby girl” or “darling” and is a term her mother affectionately calls her. Guatemala {Guate} became a magical place for Alejandra as she grew and learned more of her heritage with the lush country. Raised on tortillas, black beans, arroz con leche (rice pudding) in California, and years of receiving handicrafts from her grandmother made from typical Guatemalan patterns, Alejandra soon found that food was not the only praiseworthy attribute to be found in Guate and those colorful fabrics had more to offer than she could have imagined. With the combination of her love for travel, design, her family and culture Nena & Co. was established.

“I fell in love with these textiles the moment I saw them as a young girl. They are a true reflection of the Mayas culture with patterns/designs that have tested the sands of time.” The Maya’s that currently reside in Guate still wear similar hand loomed “huipiles”, the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women in Guate, in their everyday wardrobe as their ancestors did over the past few centuries, however Alejandra and the artisans she works with have modernized these works of art into handmade artisan bags and accessories. Beautifully hand loomed patterns and each one-of-a-kind, our products are perfect for everyday or even better…for your last minute trip to anywhere.


Rather than just admiring the talents of these impoverished Maya families, Nena & Co. is committed to always giving back! Whether it is by providing purified filtered water to a family or helping a child get an education your purchase of a Nena & Co. bag will enable us to make a difference in someones life that is in great need.


Nena & Company is currently teaming up with the non-profit group SADEGUA. They work closely with Alejandra’s Aunt Lubia who was born and raised in Guatemala and runs many of SADEGUA’s out reach programs including teaching women how to deliver babies. They are raising funds to piece together birthing kits to then leave with these women who do not have access to a proper doctor or medical facility. Their goal is lower the infant mortality rate in the highlands of Guatemala and to help welcome their babies into this world!

See I told you SOLD!

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*All images by Katrina Louise Photography


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